How to Confirm a Twitter Account

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Learn How to Confirm a Twitter Email Account (Id), You can Learn How to Verify a Twitter Account through Primary Email Id, Learn step by step with Photos.

Twitter Broken LogoWe have just Created a Twitter Email Account and now we need to Confirm it before using it.

We have used our Gmail Id to Create our Twitter Email Id so we need to Verify it through our Gmail Inbox.

We are going to our Gmail Inbox to Verify our Account.

In Social Email Messages portion we have an Email “Confirm Your Email Account”. Now we are going to open this Mail to Verify our Account through this Email.

How to Confirm Twitter Email Account IdNow we are going to click on “Confirm your account now”.

Confirming Twitter Email Account IdAfter this we can see a confirmation message and the Account has been confirmed.

Twitter Emai Id ConfirmedNow we can use our new Email Id easily.

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