How to Set Friend Requests Privacy on Facebook

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Now Learn How to Set Friend Requests Privacy on Facebook, You can prevent strangers from sending you Friend Requests on Facebook. It will stop the flood of Friend Requests that you receive on your Facebook account.

We know that Facebook is a great website and it offers us Privacy Settings through which we can protect strangers from contacting us on Facebook.

Facebook Tumbs LogoHere we want to tell you that how can you stop strangers from sending you Friend Requests on Facebook.

If you want to change your Privacy Settings then go to “Menu” and then “Settings”as shown in the picture below.

Facebook-Account-SettingsAfter this you can see the Privacy option in the list and now you have to select it.

Here we have Privacy Settings and Tools through which we can control or change the Privacy.

Facebook-Privacy-SettingsThere is an option which is known as “Who can send you Friend Requests” in front of Who can contact me.

You can see that the current settings have allowed Public to send you Friend Request and it means everyone on Facebook is allowed to send you Friend Request.

Now go to “Edit” option to click the available options for current Privacy Setting.

Facebook-Friends-Request-PrivacyHere we have two options in which 1st one is Public” and 2nd one is Friends of Friends.

It means that now we can only allow our Friends of Friends to send us Friend Requests on Facebook.

Avoiding-Strangers-to-Send-Friends-Request-on-FacebookNow select Friends of Friends option and you see that now the setting has been seen automatically.

Now strangers can’t add us in their list on Facebook and only Friends of Friends are allowed to so this.

Friends-Request-Privacy-for-FacebookNote: We can’t stop Friends of Friends from adding in their list on Facebook.

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