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Learn How to Change Profile (Display) Name on Facebook Account. You can Learn step by step about Changing Profile (Display) Name on Facebook Account Online.Facebook New Logo

Here you can Learn about Changing Profile (Display) Name on Facebook Online for Free. You need to follow these simple steps to to Change your privacy settings related to this post.

In 1st step go to Facebook “Settings”.How to Change Profile Display Name on Facebook

In 2nd step “Edit” the Profile (Display) Name section.How to Change Profile Name on Facebook

Here you can see the older Profile (Display) Name settings and we have to “Edit” these settings.Changing Profile Name on Facebook

Now you can see the new Profile (Display) Name and it must contact your real name. Now you need to unmark the “Alternate Name” section here.Profile Name Changing on Facebook

Now click on “Save Changes” to save the current settings.How to Change Profile Name on Facebook

These privacy settings have been saved and you can update these settings by following this method again.

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