Learn How to Create Hotmail or Microsoft Account, You can Learn about Creating Hotmail or Microsoft Email Id for Free. Learn step by step with Pictures.

Hotmail Microsoft Logo

It is very easy to Create a Hotmail or Microsoft Account.

1st of all go to it’s official website. You can see that the link is given below


In 1st step write your full name in the Sign Up form.

In 2nd step type the new “Username” which you want to use in your Email Id.

In 3rd step type the new “Password” twice.

In 4th step select your “Country/region”.

In 5th step type the “Postal Code” of your area.

In 6th step type your “Date of Birth”.

In 7th step select your “Gender” male/female.

Now you have to fill another form for recovery options through which you can recover your Hotmail or Microsoft Account password in case of forgetting it.

Now select the country code and type your mobile number to verify your Email Account through your mobile number. If you want to avoid mobile code verification then type your alternate Email Address.

Now click on “Create Account” to complete the Sign Up process.

You can see that the Email Id has been created and it is now ready to use.