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Learn How to Create Photo Albums on Facebook, Here we have a post through you can Learn about Creating a Photo Album on Facebook.

Facebook Photo Album LogoThese days people like to share their Photo Albums on different occasions. Here we are going to create a Photo Album on Facebook through which you can learn about creating an Album on Facebook.

In 1st step you need to click on “Add Photos” option to select the mode of Pictures sharing on Facebook.

How-to-Create-Photo-Album-on-FacebookIn 2nd step now you need to click on “Create Photo Album” option to select new Pictures for adding them on Facebook.

Create Photo AlbumIn 3rd step now select new Pictures from your system and click on “Open” option to Upload them.

Creating Photo Album on FacebookYou can see the Pictures have been uploaded and now write suitable title, description, date and location for Album and Pictures also. Now mark on “High Quality” option to view upload high quality Pictures on your profile.

Now click on “Post Photos” option to finish the process.

Creating Photos Album on FacebookYou can see that the process has been finished and your data has been shared on Facebook.

Created Photo Album on FacebookYou can repeat these steps for uploading many Albums online on your Timeline.

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