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Learn How to Hide Tagged Photos on Facebook. We can Hide Tagged Photos from Friends, Friends of Friends and Public from our Timeline which were Tagged by our Friends.Thumb on Facebook

Sometimes we need to Hide Tags created by our Friends on Facebook. If you want to do so then follow these steps.

In 1st step go to Facebook “Settings” to change the settings of these Tagged Photos.Facebook Account Settings Watch Online

In 2nd step step go to “Timeline and Tagging” option to view the available settings.Tags Setting on Facebook

In 3rd step “Edit” this option “Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline”.Tagging Settings on Facebook

In 4th step change it’s privacy from “Friends of Friends” to “Only Me” to Hide it from Friends and Friends of Friends on Facebook.Hiding Tags on Facebook

You can see that these settings have been saved.How to Hide Tags on Facebook

You can use different privacy options for these Tags.

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