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Learn How to Protect Yourself from Strangers Online – Security Tips. Get Useful Security Tips about Protecting Yourself from Strangers Online.Security Tips Logo

Don’t mention your real name, date of birth, residential location, or anything regarding your gender.

Avoid to visit private chat rooms.

Whenever you choose an online chat room, you should be careful about the name of chat room. Keep yourself limited to chat rooms created by the online service, inspite of ‘member created’ rooms.

Don’t use vulgar and abusive language in the chat rooms being aggressive.

When you start chat regularly with someone, you should tell your parent or any family member.

Always remember, you should be in control. If a conversation leads you to vulgarity or make you feel uncomfortable, then leave the chat room immediately without arguing with the other person.

Never ever plan to hangout with the stranger or friend you just made in chat room meet until and unless you tell a parent or elder brother/sister, so they would go with you.

Don’t consider Internet friends just like your ‘real life’ friends. They can never be like them no matter what.

Never click on links or sites which seem weird to you.

Never post your personal picture or send anyone via email, not even someone insists you much.

Never share your password with anyone and make sure it’s something only you should know.

Do not bother if someone is trying create quarrels or started using slang language. Never be a part of unethical issues.

You need to follow these simple rules to Protect Yourself from Strangers Online.

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