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Learn How to Unblock People on Facebook, If you have blocked some people or friends then you can learn steps for unblocking blocked people on Facebook.

FB BlackIt is very simple to unblock the blocked people on Facebook. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps to unblock your blocked friends on Facebook.

Go to Privacy Manu and then go to Blocking option as mentioned in the picture.

Unblock Friends on FacebookNow click to View all the Blocked users.

How to Unblock People on FacebookYou can see the list of blocked people.

Here we have just one blocked user. Click unblock to unblock that user.

How to Unblock PeopleNow click Confirm to unblock him. Keep in mind one thing that after unblocking a person you will have to wait 2 days to block him again.

Unblock People on FacebookNow close the list of blocked users.

How to Unblock Friends on FacebookIn this way you can check the list of all the blocked people and you can unblock these people on Facebook.

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