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  • Fortnite turned into a black hole by the end of Season 10, and you can’t play

Fortnite ended its Season 10 with a cataclysm: the event (which began at 3 pm Argentina time), with which Epic Games, the developer of the video game, begins a new stage to advance the story that gives frame to the game and (above all) modify the map where the battles are fought and add new features had, in this case, an open-end: the whole game was transformed into a black hole.

The transmission of the event in Twitch reached over 5 million users simultaneously watching Fortnite erase and new accounts. To his surprise, several hours later, the game is still missing: it only shows a black hole that is taking shape, but that for now offers no clues as to what it will look like in the future.

  • League of Legends: Isurus, the Argentine team, was eliminated at the door of the final phase of the World Cup

The dream world of Isurus Gaming came to an end after a fierce battle with Hong Kong Attitude by the duel qualifying, which gave a place in the groups of the final phase of the world cup of League of Legends.

The team led by Facundo “Kala” Calabro and Juan Cyterszpiler had achieved a historical ranking, as an Argentine team had never participated in A League of Legends World Cup. There, in Berlin, the initial group stage was played, where Isurus managed to qualify as second in his group, which gave him the chance against the Hong Kong team for the pass to the final instances, to be contested in Madrid.

The squad consisting of “Slow,” BuggaX,” Oddie,” Seiya” and ” Warangelus” fought until the last minute against the Asian squad, but it was not enough and fell by 3 to 1 (at the best of 5 games), although setting a new precedent. Only another Latin American team, the Mexicans of Rainbow 7, managed to get this far in an international LoL tournament.

Riot Games, tournament organizers and creators of the video game, moved the entire operation from Santiago de Chile to DF thanks to an agreement with TV Azteca and other Mexican companies, to face 2020 not only with a greater audience and better conditions for the teams, but also face dates every week in a micro stadium.

How this participation in the World Cup will impact and the big move to the North can only be seen at the beginning of next year with the new League of Legends season in the Latin American League.

  • Professional gamers hang out at video game tournaments

The last time Monaco reached a final in a European tournament was in 2004 and was bitter: Porto took away what might have been its first Champions League. This year, the Monegasque team played another final in which they won the Celtic, although the competition did not take place in the stadiums to which we are accustomed the Champions League: this time, the game was played inside a computer.

The organizers of the league football.pro, a football sports tournament designed for football clubs, they can be happy with the results of their first edition. They work hand in hand with Konami-the company that develops the video game Pro Evolution Soccer-, have organized events in Spain, Italy, and Germany and have reached a not inconsiderable audience: the live videos of the matches of the competition had more than one and a half million visualizations. The most curious thing about all this is that the promoter of this initiative and creator of Esports Media Rights, the company that manages this tournament, is not an entrepreneur to use, but the professional footballer Gerard Piqué.

“Piqué has contributed to the project its knowledge of the sports sector, the key to ensuring that players and clubs are comfortable and that the competition is of interest to spectators and fans,” says the company’s executive director, Jordi Orteu. In his opinion, we are still beginning to see what traditional sportsmen can contribute to sports. “With the evolution and growth of the sector, this trend is likely to increase and the involvement of sportsmen and women is greater.”