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  1. Kingdom Hearts III PS4

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the third title in a saga that returns to PlayStation 4. Sora will remain the protagonist, and you must wage a new struggle to maintain the power of light by battling the evil Master Xehanort. Square Enix and Disney provide the player with a casting loaded with such well-known characters as Donald, Goofy, Mickey, or Riku, who will be divided into two groups to advance the adventure. While the recent search for the guardians of the light, Mickey and Riku must find the bearers of the Sword Keys. The game will close the Xenahort saga to answer some questions that are still in the air.

Gender: Action-RPG

  1. Days Gone PS4

Days Gone are the exclusive action, zombie survival, and open-world video game for PlayStation 4 developed by Bend Studio. He invites us, playing the biker Deacon St. John, to survive in a rural and desolate setting set in the present-day era full of voracious beings infected by a mysterious virus.

Gender: Open World / Third Person Shooter / Survival / Zombies

  1. Death Stranding PS4

Death Stranding is an action, adventure, and open-world exploration title of a post-apocalyptic setting. It is the new video game of Hideo Kojima, father of Metal Gear and Snatcher, an enigmatic work that is defined as the first game of its kind, as it includes a series of mechanics, details, and aspects that take it away from other similar video games.

Gender: Action-Adventure / Open World / Survival

  1. Resident Evil 2 Remake PS4

Resident Evil 2 Remake is the update of the original survival horror classic for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil saga. It represents a change of playable perspective, style of play, and atmosphere, a very ambitious concept from the technical and artistic level, but that will maintain the essence of the typical video game that marked a before and after.

Gender: Action Adventure / Survival Horror / Terror / Zombies

  1. Ghost of Tsushima PS4

Sucker Punch, creators of the infamous series, present a new action, stealth, and adventure video game for PlayStation 4 exclusively, which changes the setting of sci-fi and mutant characters to move us to a historical past of great truthfulness. Ghost of Tsushima will take us to an exquisitely recreated feudal Japan in what is one of the most ambitious video games on Sony’s platform.

Gender: Action-Adventure / Hack and Slash / Open World

  1. Deep Down PS4

Deep Down is the third-person role-playing and adventure video game with an online component developed by Capcom under the supervision of Yoshinori Ono and Teruki Miyashita. Set in a futuristic world, specifically in the New York of 2094, the title will invite us to play a series of players who connect to a powerful virtual reality program that takes users to a fantasy world framed within medieval times. Designed for PlayStation 4 and with online options, its development remains a mystery.

Gender: Action-RPG

  1. Shenmue III PS4

Shenmue 3 is the long-awaited continuation of the Shenmue series, which since 2002, has had no new installments and has left Ryo Hazuki’s story on the air. This third part aims to continue and conclude it and is being developed by Yu Suzuki with the collaboration of Sony and the financing of thousands of people.

Gender: Action Adventure / Beat’em up / Open World

  1. Wild PS4

Wild is the new open-world adventure video game with survival components by Michael Ancel, creator of Rayman, for PlayStation 4. Announced in 2015 for the Sony console, the title has undergone a thorough design and programming work to provide us with a history of the origins of humanity, nature, and the animals with which we were in the beginning and the early-time.

Gender: Action-RPG / Open World / Survival