Our Privacy Policy works in a method in which chatfeast.com discloses information which our website collects, maintains and uses after its collection from users. We have applied this privacy policy on all the services offered by chatfeast.com.

Prsonal/ Non-personal information

If any user fills a form on our website and wants to contact us by sending his personal information, in that case we store or save his personal information. Mostly, users do not send their personal information on our website, it works only when user sends his personal information.

Every time when a person visits our website we may collect his non-personal information because he may connecting with our website through different kinds of browser. That’s why his non-personal information is automatically stored in our website.

Web browser cookies

When a person browse a website through his browser, his system stores website cookies in hard drive. Sometimes user may set their browser and sometimes they set their browser to refuse cookies, So in that case some parts of our website may not work properly.

How collected information is used by us

We may collection personal information for following purposes:

The information you provide helps us to improve our website, to personalize user experience and to improve customer services.

Protect Information

It’s our first priority to protect our user’s any kind of personal information including their usernames, passwords and also their transaction history stored. That’s why our every visitor feels free about visiting our website because he knows that his personal information will be protected here.